ERS guidelines on smoking cessation

In 2007, the ERS published guidelines on smoking cessation in patients with respiratory disorders. The most important conclusions were:

  1. Patients with respiratory disease have a greater and more urgent need to stop smoking than the average smoker.
  2. Smoking cessation treatment should be integrated into the management of the patient’s respiratory condition.
  3. Therapies should include pharmacological treatment (nicotine replacement therapy, bupropion or varenicline) combined with behavioural support.
  4. Respiratory physicians should receive training to ensure that they have the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to deliver these interventions or to refer to an appropriate specialist.

According to a report by ‘Europe Quitting: Progress and Pathways’, more than 78 million smokers in Europe want to quit, but half of those surveyed who have tried to quit rate smoking cessation services as inadequate, poor or unacceptable. Education and training in cessation of tobacco use should be included in the curricula of all health professionals and medical students.

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