Key points

  • The total cost of respiratory disease in the 28 countries of the EU alone amounts to more than €380 billion annually.
  • This total cost includes the costs of direct primary and hospital healthcare (at least €55 billion), the costs of lost production (at least €42 billion) and the monetised value of disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) lost (at least €280 billion).
  • The annual costs of healthcare and lost productivity due to COPD are estimated as €48.4 billion and those due to asthma at €33.9 billion.
  • The average direct healthcare cost per case of TB is about €7500 but for multidrug-resistant disease (MDR-TB) this increases to €33 000 and for extensively drug-resistant disease to €47 500.
  • The average value of the DALYs lost by a patient with lung cancer is about €350 000.
  • Approximately half of the economic burden of respiratory disease is attributable to smoking.

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