Strategic developments in the School

Professional reassessment (revalidation)

In addition to providing educational programmes for respiratory trainees, the School recognises that it has a responsibility to provide continuing medical education for all respiratory physicians, both senior and junior, as professional reassessment and revalidation is becoming increasingly important. Continuing medical education is likely to be a blend of knowledge-based education with face-to-face activities, e-learning, skills-based training and refresher courses. Importantly, physicians need to be able to demonstrate that their learning has influenced and improved their practice and patient care. A particular effort is being made to create these resources, and simplify their management in personalised e-portfolios.

Allied health professionals

The School provides educational programmes for allied health professionals. A major practical initiative of the School has been the establishment of the HERMES European Spirometry Driving Licence, which aims to standardise the accurate performance of spirometry tests and the interpretation of  the data they provide. The first ‘train-the-trainer’ full-day PG Course took place in 2012, with the aim of disseminating good practice as widely as possible. The HERMES respiratory physiotherapy programme is also now under way and plans to publish its syllabus soon.

The School has a key role to play in this area, as there is an unmet need to provide extensive training opportunities for allied health professionals, both at an international level and in many European Union countries. The School will also seek to provide team-based programmes, adjusted to meet local needs: many, if not most, healthcare professionals now work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Evaluation of School activities

Rigorous evaluation and the incorporation of feedback are essential to the improvement of the courses offered and their structure and design. The use of a simple questionnaire at the end of a session is no longer sufficient. Consequently, the School has sought the continued input and advice of a medical educationalist and CME experts.

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