School publications

The School is very active in the field of educational publication: in addition to Breathe, the quarterly educational journal, the European Respiratory Monograph (ERM) book series (, is also published four times a year. Each ERM covers a specific area of respiratory medicine, providing clinicians at all levels with a series of comprehensive up-to-date reviews.

In 2010, the first edition of the ERS Handbook of Respiratory Medicine was published, and a second edition is being published in 2013. The content of the Handbook follows the HERMES syllabus and curriculum and provides a compact guide to each of the key areas of respiratory medicine. It has been extremely popular, drawing a worldwide readership. Buoyed by this success, the School published two new handbooks in 2012: Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine, a companion to the adult handbook, comprising clinical scenarios with multiple-choice questions and explanations; and the ERS Handbook of Respiratory Sleep Medicine, which closely follows the HERMES respiratory sleep medicine syllabus and covers the causes, diagnosis and management of adult and paediatric respiratory sleep disorders.

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