The European School of Respiratory Medicine, later named the European Respiratory Society (ERS) School of Medicine after integration into the ERS, was established in 1993 by Professor Jean-Claude Yernault. The School’s mission from the beginning has been to develop educational programmes and training opportunities in respiratory medicine for respiratory physicians and allied health professionals. To achieve these aims, the School is run by a democratically elected committee that represents all branches of respiratory medicine. The chair of the School committee is also part of the ERS’s core leadership group.

During the early years, the educational activities of the School focused on the organisation of postgraduate (PG) courses held during the annual ERS Congress. Gradually, however, the scope broadened: ‘external courses’ are now held outside the parameters of the congress; the very successful educational journal Breathe ( was launched in 2004; and the School’s online e-learning platform contains a huge range of learning resources (

These resources are valuable sources of continuing medical education (CME) and continuing professional development (CPD) for respiratory practitioners worldwide.

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